This term of the General Biology sequence is designed to explain the origin, evolution, classification, and diversity of life on Earth. We will study evolution, organization and the interaction of living things at the population, community, ecosystem and biosphere levels.

The Introductory Microbiology course covers structure, physiology, metabolism, genetics, growth and control of prokaryotes; structure and function of viruses; the role of microorganisms in nature and disease.

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Biology 101 consists of 23 video lessons that are based on 15 textbook chapters. Each video comes with a quick quiz to help you measure your learning.

BI 234 has 8 compounded video-lectures based on 21 chapters from the OpenStax (Rice University) microbiology textbook. Videos come with supplemental power point slides, handouts, and lecture links.

The General Biology and the Microbiology are designed as the introductory courses for the Umpqua Community College students. Both courses are taken fully online. The main course materials are presented on Canvas LMS, lectures are viewed on this website, and labs are performed at home with the use of lab kits from

This is our summer course designed primarily for those students who has limited ability to visit the college campus.

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